Styling your extended family session | Alexandria, VA Family Photography

Hey look, its a blog where I use pictures of my OWN family! I wanted to take extended family pictures for a quite a while. My sister and I were going through lots of big life changes (aka - having or adopting kids) for the past 6 years so it never felt like quite the right time. When my sister adopted her son in May and my brother was home that summer, I knew this was our chance. My family lives close (everyone is in a 3 square mile range) but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t take pictures together. My parents still want pictures of their kids and grandkids and we all wanted some of everyone together. 

I already chose the wonderful Sara of Sara Thom Photography to do our session. I love her editing style, the moments she captures, the candid nature of her work, and bonus: I knew her from a coffee date and then many Instagram conversations thereafter.  The first struggle was finding a date. With this many adults and their schedules, it was hard to find a date (and a rain date) that worked for everyone AND the photographer. But we did it after many texts and emails back and forth. I was the point of contact with the photographer and having one main contact was key (for her and for me!). 

And then, the outfits. Let me tell you, figuring out our clothes was a daunting task. My mom took on the kids clothes while she was away on a girls weekend. We went with shades of blue and some pops of pink. It was late September and we didn’t want to go full on Fall shades quite yet. And I would say blue is one of the safer colors for almost everyone, it just works. For the adult outfits we just got together (the women, duh) and threw everything onto a bed and tried to see what works best. We didn’t want to be too matchy-matchy, too much of one shade of blue, varying textures, styles, using accessories, etc. I really don’t know how people do this if you are far away because to me it helps to see the clothes in person. We had some gray which balanced it out nicely and my moms mutlicolored scarf brought all the colors in as well.

I am super happy with how they came out and the images even looked great in black and white! 

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