1. 5K Run at New Hope Lorton | Northern Virginia Family Photographer

    24 Oct 2018
    Look at all this color! I was so excited at the opportunity to be a sponsor of this 5K race AND take portraits of the kids after the color run. This is New Hope’s 6th Annual 5K Race and Kids Color Run to benefit Feed My Starving Children and local…

  2. Cloudy Day Fun | Northern Virginia Family Photography

    18 Oct 2018
    I love cloudy day sessions. The overcast, perfectly diffused light allows the entire background to be evenly lit. This kind of light brings out all the detail in the scenery which was ideal for this session location. There was lots of hugging and it was great. Mom stayed calm and…

  3. Mr. Independent | Northern Virginia Family Photography

    17 Oct 2018
    This little man is at the sweet age of wanting to do everything himself - walk by himself, hold his own snack, and go his own direction (mostly the opposite of where we wanted to go). Our kids are constantly becoming more independent from us. We are raising them to…

  4. They’ve Got Spirit | Northern Virginia Family Photographer

    10 Oct 2018
    Single parents continue to amaze me. This momma has two wonderful teens who love her dearly. It was a joy to meet this family and get to know them better during the session. And one of them is super involved in cheer - can you tell from the pictures?? 

  5. Leaning on Each Other | Northern Virginia Family Photographer

    03 Oct 2018
    You never know what kind of ugly curveballs life will throw your way. We can’t predict what the future holds for us, for our family. A little over a year ago, Michael found out he had a brain tumor and his family was immediately uprooted from China to come stateside…

  6. You have your photos, now what? | Northern Virginia Family Photographer

    28 Sep 2018
    Often I hear this from clients and friends: “I don’t know what to do with my family photos!”. Do I print them? What kind of frame? Does it need a frame at all? Where should I have them printed? I get it friends. It’s super overwhelming.  First, the amount of

  7. My Nifty Nephew and Niece | Northern Virginia Family Photographer

    18 Sep 2018
    In my family we call the kids of our siblings (my niece and nephew) our "niblings". Get it? We're weird. I'm fine with it. Anyway, my nephew turned 5 today. He knows more than you know about animals. He makes me laugh all the time with the hilarious things he…

  8. One Strong Momma | Northern Virginia Family Photography

    12 Sep 2018
    These are some handsome boys if you ask me. And I know for a fact they have one strong momma.  I think single parents are some of the most capable and tenacious humans this world has to offer.  No matter what your story is, capturing the connection you have with…

  9. Mini Family Beach Trip | Northern Virginia Family Photographer

    26 Aug 2018
    A few weekends ago we decided to surprise the girls with a little beach trip. When they woke up Saturday morning, we popped them into the car with a Mickey Mouse waffle in hand. Leesylvania State Park has a small but perfect, tiny-wave beach for toddlers. They played in the…

  10. Cranky kids before your session? Don’t worry! | Northern Virginia Family Photographer

    22 Aug 2018
    The first thing I usually hear from parents at a photo session is an update of their kids current behavior. Something like “She is having a really off day,” or “He just woke up from his nap,” or “They are really shy with new people.”  Mommas, I get it. We…

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