1. 2 of 3: How I prepared for our family session | Fairfax, Virginia Family Photography

    01 May 2019
    A major part of the success of your family photos is how you prepare yourself and your family. I know that in Northern Virginia life can get hectic, but I promise if you take some time to plan for your family photography session it will be worth it. The best…

  2. 1 of 3: How I Picked Clothes for our Family Session | Springfield, Virginia Family Photographer

    23 Apr 2019
    We recently had our family photos taken while on vacation. As you probably already know I am a photographer in the Northern Virginia area, so I am not usually on the “client” side of family photos. I really wanted to think about the process of styling and choosing outfits and…

  3. Big Change Coming | Northern Virginia Family Photography

    19 Apr 2019
    As a family lifestyle photographer, I like to know as much about the family as possible. I always send a questionnaire prior to our time together. The more I know about your family, the more I can tell your story during the session and in the photographs I take. My…

  4. Mommy and Me - Lauren and kids | Lorton, Virginia Family Photographer

    15 Apr 2019
    All moms of twins deserve some kind of huge award. Like when I think about having newborn twins I want to just give all twin moms a huge hug. I met this beautiful mom at my daughters preschool in Springfield, Virginia. Our girls were in the same class and we…

  5. Interview with a Mom: Kelly

    02 Apr 2019
    Hi everyone! A few months after their photo session, Kelly reaches out to me with a few details about her day of which I wasn’t aware. I thought it would be helpful to other moms to hear about her experience as things like this happen all the time - life…

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