1. Interview with a Mom: Kelly

    02 Apr 2019
    Hi everyone! A few months after their photo session, Kelly reaches out to me with a few details about her day of which I wasn’t aware. I thought it would be helpful to other moms to hear about her experience as things like this happen all the time - life…

  2. What happens if it rains? | Northern Virginia Family Photography

    05 Mar 2019
    In the week leading up to your session I will keep a close eye on the weather and suspect you might be doing the same. Two days before your session I will email you the forecast and discuss options if needed. As we all know, the weather channel can be…

  3. My client management software and why I love it | Northern Virginia Family Photography

    26 Feb 2019
    There are so many moving parts in running a photography business: emails, contracts, questionnaires, gallery links, location addresses, expenses, income tracking, calendars -  the list can go on but I won’t bore you. I started my business using Dubsado, a client management software, and I’m not sure how to function…

  4. What Kind of Session is Best for My Family? | Northern Virginia Family Photography

    07 Feb 2019
    Full session or mini session - what is the best fit for your family? For those of you considering getting family pictures, this may be a question you have. I’d like to share some of my own experiences which I hope will help you in your decision making. In…

  5. Why I don’t offer mini sessions | Northern Virginia Family Photographer

    22 Jan 2019
    The photography buzzword “mini sessions” has been around for a few years. A mini session is usually a shorter session at a lower price than the photographers full sessions. So why don’t I do minis? When the idea of doing minis first came to mind it was because “everyone else…

  6. Run, Run | Northern Virginia Family Photography

    19 Dec 2018
    This sweet boy was on the move. One of my favorites from this session is the one of him running. Because that shows EXACTLY who he is - a boy full of energy and always ready to run and play. And then check out his sweet side as he snuggles…

  7. Perfect Fall Sunset | Northern Virginia Family Photographer

    11 Dec 2018
    I love baby cheeks. You just want to squeeze them. It’s almost irresistible, right? And this little guy was proudly donning his chubby cheeks. Get it, bud. 

  8. Blustery Day | Northern Virginia Family Photographer

    02 Dec 2018
    This family gets so many points for coming out on such a blustery, cold day. I told Momma we would take some pictures of the kiddos first, before runny noses and red cheeks appear. Literally the walk from the car to our first stop did us in. Red cheeks for…

  9. Going on an adventure | Northern Virginia Family Photographer

    24 Nov 2018
    I always get to my sessions early. I walk around to check out the light and find anything we should avoid (muddy spots, crowded areas, etc). Sometimes I walk around and find magical new spots. Like this field of beautiful, tall weeds. 

  10. Reds and Purples | Northern Virginia Family Photographer

    01 Nov 2018
    This family was perfectly outfitted for Fall with their purples, blues, and reds. I want my families to dress like themselves. Don’t look fancy for your pictures if thats not how you regularly dress. Sure, you can look nice for photos, but be YOU. 

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