1. How to Take Better iPhone Pictures | Burke, VA Family Photographer

    29 Aug 2019
    Let’s face it - about 98% of the pictures you take are probably with your phone. Yes, your family photographer just said that because it’s true. Since I started my 365 Project, my iPhone camera usage has gone down. Before that I was always whipping out my phone and snapping…

  2. What I’ve Learned From My 365 Project | Lorton, VA Family Photographer

    27 Aug 2019
    I’m halfway through my 365 project this year. Yes, it’s August. I started late, but I do what I want. With every family session I do, I grow more and more in my photography. That being said, I still learned more in creating my 365 photos. Sound crazy? First, let…

  3. How to Prepare for Your Fall Session | Fairfax, VA Family Photography

    23 Aug 2019
    Fall is right around the corner. With school back in sessions and pool closed for the season, the feelings of Fall start to set in. After all this heat and humidity I am excited for the change. I love living in Northern Virginia where we truly experience all 4 seasons…

  4. I still pose my families | Fairfax, VA Family Photographer

    13 Aug 2019
    If you take a look at my gallery page you may think any of the following thoughts 1. These look so candid and like everyone is having fun. 2. My family can’t look that effortless in front of the camera. 3. How does she get these families to pose so…

  5. Green Spring Photo session | Alexandria, VA Family Photographer

    06 Aug 2019
    This family session reminded me over and over why I love what I do. I met this family at Green Spring Gardens in Alexandria and we literally laughed the entire session. Momma and I had already began to know each other via email, Instagram, and my family questionnaire. So when…

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