1. An October early Fall session | Alexandria, VA Family Photography

    17 Oct 2019
    I consider October and November to my Fall season. The mood changes from being focused on back-to-school to crisp, autumn days filled with Fall activities. This session at Green Spring Gardens kicked off my October with a bang. The beautiful gardens have new plants emerging and summer plants dying. This…

  2. How to capture the moments on your vacation | Fairfax, VA Family Photographer

    02 Oct 2019
    The beach. The word alone brings thoughts of relaxation, calm, and fun. If you have small kids it also brings thoughts of never actually sitting in your beach chair and finding sand in all places for days. We spent a week away from our home in Springfield, Virginia and travelled…

  3. Lovely Lorton field | Burke, VA Family Photographer

    19 Sep 2019
    Have you ever driven around, eyed a field, and immediately turn off the road to check it out? No? I do it all the time! And by “field” I mean a semi-maintained open piece of land. Just to clarify This family just moved to the Springfield/Alexandria area and contacted me…

  4. What I Look for When I Location Scout | Springfield, VA Family Photographer

    10 Sep 2019
    I location scout all the time. I’m not joking. Wherever we are going for the day I always have my eyes peeled. We adventure to new parks and historic sites all the time and you never know when you’ll drive past a perfect spot. When my little one is napping…

  5. How to Edit Your iPhone Pictures in Your Phone | Lorton, VA Family Photographer

    05 Sep 2019
    After reading my previous blog on taking better iPhone photos, now let’s get into editing them. The editing tools in your phone are quite powerful if you know how to use them. Even with the better-photo-taking skills you have, you may just need a little boost from the edit button…

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