1. What is Golden Hour? | Fairfax, VA Family Photography

    24 Jan 2020
    Golden Hour, Golden Hour, Golden Hour. If you’re a photographer, then you’ve probably heard this term a lot. If you’re a momma, then you may have heard of this magical Golden Hour and at the same time not really 100% understand what it means. When I first started this business…

  2. Glimpse of my Fall 2019 sessions | Springfield, VA Family Photogrpahy

    23 Dec 2019
    Wow. What a Fall! This was my second official Fall in business and the learning curve was steep. I thoroughly enjoyed it and took LOTS of notes as I went along my journey. Here are a few things I learned and a picture from (almost) every session I had from…

  3. Styling your extended family session | Alexandria, VA Family Photography

    11 Dec 2019
    Hey look, its a blog where I use pictures of my OWN family! I wanted to take extended family pictures for a quite a while. My sister and I were going through lots of big life changes (aka - having or adopting kids) for the past 6 years so it…

  4. Things I consider when suggesting your location | Chantilly, VA Family Photography

    14 Nov 2019
    Location, location - it’s everything for your session. If you read my earlier blog, What I Look for When I Location Scout, then you know I spend a lot of time looking for locations. When I check out my lengthy list of locations, I still have more to think…

  5. What Happens After Your Session | Burke, VA Family Photographer

    24 Oct 2019
    What happens with your photos after your session? What do I do after your session? How long does it take to edit a session? These are common questions I get from mom or dad during or after a session. And they are great questions! My families want to know what…

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