1. Tips for Finding and Shooting in Golden Hour Light | Lorton, VA Family Photography

    11 Feb 2020
    In my previous post I talked about what exactly Golden Hour is and some reasons family photographers like it. Now that we know what Golden Hour means, let’s chat about how to find it and how to use it for great photos. The warm glow, sun flare, or hazy look…

  2. What is Golden Hour? | Fairfax, VA Family Photography

    24 Jan 2020
    Golden Hour, Golden Hour, Golden Hour. If you’re a photographer, then you’ve probably heard this term a lot. If you’re a momma, then you may have heard of this magical Golden Hour and at the same time not really 100% understand what it means. When I first started this business…

  3. Glimpse of my Fall 2019 sessions | Springfield, VA Family Photogrpahy

    23 Dec 2019
    Wow. What a Fall! This was my second official Fall in business and the learning curve was steep. I thoroughly enjoyed it and took LOTS of notes as I went along my journey. Here are a few things I learned and a picture from (almost) every session I had from…

  4. Styling your extended family session | Alexandria, VA Family Photography

    11 Dec 2019
    Hey look, its a blog where I use pictures of my OWN family! I wanted to take extended family pictures for a quite a while. My sister and I were going through lots of big life changes (aka - having or adopting kids) for the past 6 years so it…

  5. Things I consider when suggesting your location | Chantilly, VA Family Photography

    14 Nov 2019
    Location, location - it’s everything for your session. If you read my earlier blog, What I Look for When I Location Scout, then you know I spend a lot of time looking for locations. When I check out my lengthy list of locations, I still have more to think…

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