1. A session with a surprise! | Arlington, VA Family and Senior Photographer

    04 Sep 2020
    This is NOT your average family session. Just a friendly warning that the end takes a fun little twist. Go ahead and scroll to the bottom, I’ll wait.  See?? I told you! This was my second time photographing this sweet family so when the Dad emailed me beforehand saying he…

  2. What’s the most challenging age to photograph? | Burke, VA Family and Senior Photographer

    12 Aug 2020
    This question comes up often: what is the most challenging age to photograph? After a solid 2 years as a Northern Virginia family photographer  I can confidently answer that question. To me the age is 12-24 months old, or roughly the age they learn to walk until 2 years old…

  3. What I Learned in my Second Year of Business | Springfield, VA Family and Senior Photographer

    30 Jul 2020
    Running your own business is a lesson in growth: growing as a person, growing in your photography journey, growing in your client relations, and learning to manage your time as you run a business while continuing with all the other aspects of life. As my second year of being a…

  4. Maintaining Social Distance During Your Session | Alexandria, VA Family Photographer

    22 Jun 2020
    With Virginia now in Phase 2 of re-opening, sessions and inquiries seem to be picking back up.  As I talk with fellow family and Senior photographers from Northern Virginia, the hot topic is “how do we maintain social distance during a session?”. I have done a few sessions and feel…

  5. 6 Things to Ask Yourself Before Hiring a Photographer | Clifton, VA Family and Senior Photography

    18 Jun 2020
    The search for a photographer that is best for you can seem daunting. A quick google search in your area will pull up a bountiful selection. My hope is to help you narrow down those options by asking yourself these important, key questions.  1. What style of photos am I

  6. Why I’m homeschooling my kids | Burke, VA Family Photographer

    13 Jun 2020
    As I write this, COVID-19 is still raging around our country. Among all of its twists and turns it has brought to 2020 is a resurgence of this word: homeschool. Suddenly, parents who may have never considered homeschooling for their family, are stuck between a rock and a hard place…

  7. How to Find Good Light for Indoor Pictures | Springfield, VA Family Photographer

    21 May 2020
    We have all been spending more time inside with the Virginia stay-at-home orders in place. I hope you are continuing to document your time together as a family and capture moments that your kids will treasure. We have had many ups and downs in our days, but I try to…

  8. What season is best for family pictures? | Arlington, VA Family Photographer

    18 Apr 2020
    When having your family photos done there is a lot to consider and picking a season is probably the first place to start. So which season is best for family photography? Well, it’s sort of a trick question because the best season for your family is not the best season…

  9. 10 Things to do for your business during a slow season | Fairfax, VA Family Photography

    28 Mar 2020
    This recession caused by COVID-19 is hurting us all. It’s painful financially and it hurts to think of all that COULD be happening if this virus wasn’t so rampant.  April is the start of the busy season for most of us and my soul is aching for all the families…

  10. My Ideal Client for Family Sessions | Woodbridge, VA Photography

    24 Mar 2020
    Having been in business for a year and a half, I feel confident in knowing my ideal family session client. I can spot them in Target or playing at a park with their kids. I see them hiking in the woods together or relaxing by a lake. I think that…

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