1. By the Water | Northern Virginia Family Photography

    05 Aug 2018
    The best part about this session was the kids throwing rocks into the water. I know my kids could do it for hours! What kid doesn’t love doing that? I so enjoyed being around this relaxed family. They put a calm tone on the evening and we all had a…

  2. Colorful Summer | Family Photography

    03 Aug 2018
    Living in Virginia comes with the price tag of hot and humid summer days. Every once in a while there are some magical, humid-free days. These rare days are beautiful and I just want to be outside all day. This family session was one of those days. We enjoyed a…

  3. 4 Steps to a Relaxed Family Session

    31 Jul 2018
    Everyone wants their family session to run smoothly. The sun may be shining, your outfits are perfect, the kids are fed and happy. So how do you get there? Here are a few of my tips 1. Prepare the kids in advanceWhen my daughter took her first trip on…

  4. A Little about Me

    24 Jul 2018
    Hi everyone! My name is Kyle, and you guessed it, I am a girl. I often get asked why my parents named me Kyle. They say they wanted something different and found it in the girl section of the baby names book. When I was in middle school I wasn’t…

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