1. Blustery Day | Northern Virginia Family Photographer

    02 Dec 2018
    This family gets so many points for coming out on such a blustery, cold day. I told Momma we would take some pictures of the kiddos first, before runny noses and red cheeks appear. Literally the walk from the car to our first stop did us in. Red cheeks for…

  2. Going on an adventure | Northern Virginia Family Photographer

    24 Nov 2018
    I always get to my sessions early. I walk around to check out the light and find anything we should avoid (muddy spots, crowded areas, etc). Sometimes I walk around and find magical new spots. Like this field of beautiful, tall weeds. 

  3. Reds and Purples | Northern Virginia Family Photographer

    01 Nov 2018
    This family was perfectly outfitted for Fall with their purples, blues, and reds. I want my families to dress like themselves. Don’t look fancy for your pictures if thats not how you regularly dress. Sure, you can look nice for photos, but be YOU. 

  4. 5K Run at New Hope Lorton | Northern Virginia Family Photographer

    24 Oct 2018
    Look at all this color! I was so excited at the opportunity to be a sponsor of this 5K race AND take portraits of the kids after the color run. This is New Hope’s 6th Annual 5K Race and Kids Color Run to benefit Feed My Starving Children and local…

  5. Cloudy Day Fun | Northern Virginia Family Photography

    18 Oct 2018
    I love cloudy day sessions. The overcast, perfectly diffused light allows the entire background to be evenly lit. This kind of light brings out all the detail in the scenery which was ideal for this session location. There was lots of hugging and it was great. Mom stayed calm and…

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