Our visit to Hidden Gems Farm | Manassas, VA Family and Senior Photographer

On a perfectly Fall day our homeschool group met at Hidden Gems Farm located in Centreville, VA. It was easy to find the farm and only 5 minutes from Manassas National Battlefield Park and the Winery at Bull Run. I called the week prior and set up a goat play time for our group. Lorenzo and Summiya were helpful in finding a day and time that worked with our schedules. The reservation also included a tour of the farm and goat milk ice cream samples. It was all set - we were going to a goat farm! 

The tour of the farm was at a relaxed pace and didn’t feel rushed at all. Lorenzo was informative and helpful in answering all our questions. The kids loved the open space and seeing the fields that will have blueberries and tulips next Spring. 

First stop on the farm tour was to pet and feed the goats! I was nervous that all the kids would be scared but Summiya explained how to pet the goat, how to hold your hands for the feed, and told the kids each of their names. Children…not kids. Kids are baby goats. This is getting confusing! All the children who wanted a turn feeding the kids (now I’m saying it right!) were able to have more than one opportunity. My daughters loved petting them, calling them by name, and letting the kids eat right out of their hand. 

Next stop was the chickens! And there were too many to count! The kids could try to pick a chicken up (I did it too!), throw feed for them, and search for eggs. One lucky girl found a duck egg! We were also given a chance to go inside the coop/converted truck and actually pick an egg up from where the chickens lay them. The kids thoroughly enjoyed the chaos of the chickens, tossing more feed, and collecting feathers. 

The Hidden Gems Farm website says “We value quality over quantity, one on one conversations over transactions, respect over intolerance and kindness above all”. I can confidently say they live this out in their farm and in their relationships with customers. We will be back again!

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