Maintaining Social Distance During Your Session | Alexandria, VA Family Photographer

With Virginia now in Phase 2 of re-opening, sessions and inquiries seem to be picking back up.  As I talk with fellow family and Senior photographers from Northern Virginia, the hot topic is “how do we maintain social distance during a session?”. I have done a few sessions and feel confident in my ability to provide you with the photos you need while keeping the 6’ rule at the forefront of my mind. 

How does a session flow with social distancing in place?
Prior to COVID I would usually greet mom with a hug, since at that point we had been emailing and texting for a while. Now, there will be no hugs with mom or handshakes with dad like before. No high-fives with the kids or close-up introductions. I cannot stress enough the importance of showing your kids some pictures of me from social media or my website. The more they know about me the quicker we will feel acquainted with one another.  This is especially true if you think your child takes a while to warm up to strangers. 
I will then show you where we will walk to our first spot at our location. Since I cannot physically move you into a loose pose, I will rely on my voice and your ears :) I will imitate what I want you to do and make sure you have the connected, fun images you are looking for. 

Will my gallery include a variety of images?
It is still my goal to deliver a wide variety of images in your gallery. I recently bought a new lens that allows me to get close-ups without breaking the 6’ bubble. And the lens creates wonderful, soft bokeh! I will also use my wide angle lens to capture your family and the beautiful location you chose. All the photos in this blog were taken with these two lenses. 

The end! All in all, it’s very close to a normal session. You will receive a slideshow sneak peak and then your gallery will be delivered within 3 weeks. I look forward to seeing you - from afar!

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