6 Things to Ask Yourself Before Hiring a Photographer | Clifton, VA Family and Senior Photography

The search for a photographer that is best for you can seem daunting. A quick google search in your area will pull up a bountiful selection. My hope is to help you narrow down those options by asking yourself these important, key questions. 

1. What style of photos am I drawn to most?
Do you like light and airy images? Do you want images that are colorful and moody? Do you want photos that are posed or candid? The images delivered in your gallery will most likely been hung around your house, sent to family, and kept for years to come. Make sure the pictures on the photographer’s website matches the style you enjoy. 

2. What is my budget?
Next, check out their price point and see if it falls in line with your budget. Does the price listed include everything you want? If not, do they offer what you want and how much does it cost? Are you the person who wants photos taken annually? More often? Less often? All of these things should be taken into consideration when finding the right photographer for you and your family or Senior.

3. Am I responsible for choosing location?
I get this question a lot which is why I included it. A lot of clients come to me asking if they need to provide the location. My answer is absolutely not. If you have a suggestion I am more than happy to talk about it, but I have locations plotted all over the Northern Virginia area. If this is something that is important to you, then reach out and ask the potential photographer and I’m sure they will have an answer for you.

4. What is the photographers personality like?
Ideally, you want to get along with your photographer. It will make for a smooth and fun session. I suggest you gently stalk your photographer via their social media pages such as Facebook and Instagram. And take a minute to read the About Me page on their website. Photographers often share little nuggets of information about themselves, their daily life, their own family life, photography journey, why they love their job, etc. It helps to get to know them a bit and see if you will match up nicely. There is someone out there for everyone!

5. Does the photographer specialize in the type of photography you are looking for?
Let’s say I wanted headshots for my business. Then I would search for a photographer who does branding sessions. Or if I wanted Senior photos for my child, then I would search for a Senior photographer. I can ask a newborn photographer to capture my Senior, but will the end result really be what I was desiring? Probably not. There is a reason photographers advertise what type of sessions they do. If you want the best of something, then choose a photographer who works in that area. 

6. Is my experience going to be stress free?
After these questions and maybe even a few inquiry emails back and forth, you probably have a feel for how your session is going to flow. Does the communication and process seem smooth so far? Has the photographer easily provided you with all the details you need? Do you feel like you will be prepared for your session? With all this information in your hands, I’m sure you will feel confident in making your decision. 

Good luck with your search and remember this is a photographer out there for everyone!

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