10 Things to do for your business during a slow season | Fairfax, VA Family Photography

This recession caused by COVID-19 is hurting us all. It’s painful financially and it hurts to think of all that COULD be happening if this virus wasn’t so rampant.  April is the start of the busy season for most of us and my soul is aching for all the families who won’t get their photos taken this Spring. While writing this blog we have no end date in sight which is yet another sore spot. I am hopeful that social distancing is going to work and we will be in the clear soon.

However, while we are here (or in any slow season) let’s talk about what we can do to help grow our business. As you may already know, there is always, always something we could be doing. My motivation while being cooped up inside is low, but when it strikes I try to take advantage and get something done! Like right now…I’m writing this blog. Yay me!

1. Write a blog. Blogging is helpful for oh so many reasons. Writing blogs gives us a chance to write helpful info for our clients, it gives the search engines something to find, it helps with our SEO, and, if you blog often, makes your business look current. 

2. Take some self portraits. These are a great creative outlet which will keep your artistic side warm and cozy. Portraits of yourself are also helpful for social media, marketing, and your website.

3. Your website - About Me page. Speaking of your website, how does your About Me page look? Do you have a picture of yourself up? If not, get on it. It’s so important. Does the text on that page still sound like your voice? Check it out, ask a friend to read it, and make a few (or many) changes.

4. Your website - gallery. Is your gallery up to date? Is it showcasing your best work? I think of my website as my most pristine images as you don’t really want to flood it like you do for social media.

5. Ask past clients for reviews. This is huge for me. I ask clients for reviews about two weeks after their gallery has been delivered. I don’t usually get a review so reminding people now is a great thing to add to your list.

6. Plan your marketing strategy. Who is your ideal client? How are you going to market to them? Which avenue are you going to choose to get your name out there? Do you have a newsletter? Are you utilizing social media? All of these are things to consider and when you have your plan you will feel GREAT.

7. Location scout. You can probably even do this during COVID, friends. Depending on the spot you may or may not be able to get out and walk around, but sometimes a quick drive by is all you need. You can also virtually location scout with Google maps. Hello, street view. Amazing.

8. Check all your canned emails. If you use canned emails then you write them, use them, and maaaaaybe forget about them. Are they still saying what you want? Pointing people in the right direction? Giving them clear steps on what to do or what’s next? Just give a quick once over.

9. Invest in your knowledge. I felt that efficient editing was my weak point so last week I invested in an editing mentorship with Chasing Galilee Photography because Alyssa is a good friend and an amazing editor. Think about where you want to improve and make time for it. Learn that feature on your camera, watch some YouTube videos, or invest in a class.

10. Keep talking with your photog friends. Because we all need companions during the busy season AND the slow season. Inspire each other, like each others posts, check in with each other, motivate your fellow photographers, and continue to build those relationships. 

Lastly, the quote by James Clear is everything. ”Your reputation is a magnet. Once you become known for something, relevant opportunities come to you with no extra work.” Keep working and keep showing up.

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