1. Old Town Alexandria family session | Alexandria, VA Family and Senior Photographer

    04 Sep 2020
    You guys, this was my first ever Old Town session. I know, I know, I can’t believe it either. I just never had a request for it and I never made it happen. Well, I am kicking myself now for not making it happen! Trying something new - location, lens…

  2. A session with a surprise! | Arlington, VA Family and Senior Photographer

    04 Sep 2020
    This is NOT your average family session. Just a friendly warning that the end takes a fun little twist. Go ahead and scroll to the bottom, I’ll wait.  See?? I told you! This was my second time photographing this sweet family so when the Dad emailed me beforehand saying he…

  3. What’s the most challenging age to photograph? | Burke, VA Family and Senior Photographer

    12 Aug 2020
    This question comes up often: what is the most challenging age to photograph? After a solid 2 years as a Northern Virginia family photographer  I can confidently answer that question. To me the age is 12-24 months old, or roughly the age they learn to walk until 2 years old…

  4. What I Learned in my Second Year of Business | Springfield, VA Family and Senior Photographer

    30 Jul 2020
    Running your own business is a lesson in growth: growing as a person, growing in your photography journey, growing in your client relations, and learning to manage your time as you run a business while continuing with all the other aspects of life. As my second year of being a…

  5. Maintaining Social Distance During Your Session | Alexandria, VA Family Photographer

    22 Jun 2020
    With Virginia now in Phase 2 of re-opening, sessions and inquiries seem to be picking back up.  As I talk with fellow family and Senior photographers from Northern Virginia, the hot topic is “how do we maintain social distance during a session?”. I have done a few sessions and feel…

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